Joining Our Church

You are invited to learn more about the Christian Faith and the Russellville Presbyterian Church by attending our Inquirers/New Member Classes. These classes give specific information about the Church Community as well as providing an opportunity for you to get to know our staff, church leaders, and other prospective members.

Some Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Am I Obligated to Join if I Attend These Classes?

No. The classes allow you to learn more about us. If you decide not to join or to wait until a later date, your decision will be respected.

What If I Haven’t Been Baptized? What If I Was Baptized in Another Church?

The EPC Presbyterian Church recognizes all forms of baptism. We believe in one baptism and do not require re-baptism. If you have not been baptized, this will take place during the worship service the morning you join.

What If I am Unable to Attend All of the Classes in the Series?

While it is best to attend all the classes, so that you may learn as much as possible about the Russellville Presbyterian Church, many do join having missed one or two of the meetings.

What If I Am a Member of Another Church? What If I Have Never Attended Any Church?

You can become a member of Russellville Presbyterian Church no matter what your previous church involvement has been. There are four ways you may be received into membership:

  • By Letter of Transfer from any church of which you are currently a member (our office will make the arrangements),
  • By Reaffirmation of Faith by those who have not been active members in a church for some time,
  • By Confession of Faith from those who have never been members of a church family, or
  • By Affiliate Membership for those who wish to keep their membership in a home church.

Please contact (937) 377-4301 for more information about the church and membership.