Russellville Presbyterian Women

Dear friends, build yourself up in your most Holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Friendship Circle meets the first Monday August through May at 4:00 pm in the fellowship hall.

Bible study for this year 2019-2020 is the study of James, Be Mature, Growing Up In Christ.

Our Purpose

Our definition is a broad one. Every woman who is a follower of Jesus Christ has been designed and created by God for His kingdom purposes. (Ephesians 2.10)

We did not just come up with that on our own. Jesus was very clear about what it means to be a follower and all that it entails. When Jesus says that we are to “take up the cross”, we know that means that there is hard work to be done. But we also know that it will be done with the hope of glory that comes from having experienced His grace and love.

One of the things that makes being a woman in ministry energizing is discovering how diverse our lives and callings are.

  •      Women are not only guiding and shaping women’s ministries in our churches.
  •      We work in children’s ministries, assimilation, care ministries – both paid and as volunteers.
  •      We lead small groups.
  •      We start ministry initiatives in our communities, cities and far away places.
  •      We join in both short-term and long-term mission work.
  •      We study the scriptures.
  •      We pray.
  •      We teach.
  •      Some of us preach.
  •      We are intentional about being transformed to live and love like Jesus.

We see the great needs and longings in those around us and seek to develop the skills we need to minister effectively where God has placed us.

All the while, we uniquely reflect the image of God to those around us. (Genesis 1.26, 27)

We know the benefits and challenges of being a member of a larger church – as well as part of a smaller one. We are young, a bit older, married, single, professionals, homemakers, moms and students who have each been gifted in unique ways to follow God’s call to us in the body of Christ.

Above all, we have the same Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.     (I Corinthians 12.5)

Together may we join to serve, lead and love the Body of Christ in such a way that His glory is revealed among us.